Turtle Finance


Everything you need to know about Turtle Finance.

About Turtle Finance Platform

What’s Turtle Finance? Turtle Finance is a decentralized, automatic and multichain smart trading platform. It connects professional trading strategists and amateur traders. Experienced strategists can upload their strategy to Turtle Finance and gain profit from it. On the other hand, the amateur traders provide their funds, and they can directly use these strategies to earn more with their tokens!
How is Turtle Finance different from other projects? There is no platform like Turtle Finance. Turtle is the project that allows investments arbitrage among different DEXs plus the mining part, and your funds are always working to make profits. Also, the Turtle allows experienced traders to upload their strategies.
Turtle Finance works on which public networks? For now, it works on the BSC and HECO networks, and it will soon be launched on Polygon and Solana.
Are the financial strategies available tested by Turtle Finance? All strategies received are analyzed by the Turtle Finance team and this analysis goes through a process of verification steps. To learn more about these steps, visit the Strategy section.
What methods does Turtle Finance use to attract new users and unencrypted users around the world? At Turtle Finance, amateur traders can do something that not even many experienced traders can, they can access profitable strategies and use them easily on the platform.
What is the revenue model for this project and what is the way to generate profit? The user will be able to profit directly from the trading strategies. Furthermore, it has the TRE mining token factor, so the user wins twice on the platform and despite the market fluctuation and it is not always possible to guarantee profits, Turtle’s trading strategies have been tested with great results.

About security and certification

How does turtle finance’s platform guarantee users’ asset security? Turtle Finance’s team has extensive experience in the field of DeFi and adopts a series of measures to protect users’ assets, in addition to not having access to users’ resources. Turtle Finance’s contract was audited by Certik.
What is Certik? Certik is the leading security-focused ranking platform to analyze and monitor Blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.
Who manages the user’s money within the platform? The team does not have access to your funds, everything is done automatically by the smart contract that has been audited by Certik. So, rest assured about that.

About TRE token and IDO

What’s the TRE Token? TRE is the Turtle platform governance token, which can be used for community voting and revenue acceleration after the Turtle DAO governance function is launched. The total amount of tokens is 100 million.
What is the initial price of the Turtle Finance token? The Initial price for IDO is 0.15USD.
On which chains is the TRE token available? The TRE token is available on BSC and HECO chains. Further, It’s going to be available on Polygon and Solana.
What would be one’s motive to hold TRE tokens? What can we do with $TRE? 1. In the early stage of the project we’ll provide a TRE lock-up mining pool and stake TRE to get rewards. 2. We’re actively seeking TRE application scenarios with cooperative projects, including joint mining, the use of TRE in exchange for other project rights and interests, etc. 3. As a governance token, TRE will play an important role in community governance.
When will the token be available for sale or when will the IDO be? We are concluding some partnerships to carry out our IDO, it should happen in early December, stay tuned on our Twitter as we will inform price, IDO platform, etc.
What is the contract address? Our token hasn’t been officially released yet, so it’s not available for sale. But rest assured, our contract is secure and Certik, one of the largest certifiers of smart contracts in the world, guarantees our authenticity.
Why is there liquidity in PancakeSwap? To meet some listing platform requirements, we had to add liquidity to PancakeSwap, but as we haven’t officially released our token, we don’t recommend purchasing them, as you can pay a very high price compared to the launch.

About Beta Platform Testing

Has Turtle Finance Platform gone through any testing process to ensure its quality? Yes, Turtle Finance has gone through 3 test phases with hundreds of users, even the last BETA phase is in progress now and has an Airdrop with 15000 TRE available for those who participate.
How long will the Beta test work(the 3rd phase)? The end is scheduled for August 27th.
How can I get my beta test reward? To be part of the Beta platform test, you must follow the instructions in this article.
Will beta testing be conducted on Testnet? The test will not be carried out on Testnet, it will be with real resources, it is called the test period, as the TRE tokens will not be released yet, but all profits earned in the test period will be sent to the participants.
Can I use a wallet other than MetaMask? You can add any wallet that supports BSC and Heco Chain, but we recommend MetaMask.
How many tokens will I earn after participating in the beta test? We will make 15,000 TRE tokens available for the Airdrop of the Beta Platform, but each one will earn an amount proportional to the profit realized, the distribution will take place after the official launch of the platform.
Will the profits we earn be sent to our address after launch? Yes! After the trial period, an airdrop will be made with the profits proportional to the investment that each one makes in the platform during the trial period.
What is the best approach to avoid any kind of loss? The platform performs trades in the real market, because of this it is exposed to the natural risks of the market, to protect yourself from possible losses add Stop Loss with the percentage of losses you are willing to tolerate.
What is the recommended percentage for Stop Loss or for trades? This is very much related to the level of risk you are willing to accept, most people would say 25% of the initial investment, but not everyone is willing to be open to that level of possible loss. Understand the higher the percentage, the greater the risk you are exposed to.
Are there any risks when using the Beta Platform? Any DeFi project has risks. This market is volatile, if you buy a token today you also have risk. Our team does not have access to your funds, our contract has been audited by Certik and already has hundreds of users in the Beta Platform group. The risks are more related to the market volatility.
What happens if I click the “Trade Now” button? When doing this action, you make a manual trade, that is, the platform stops trading automatically. We DO NOT recommend this action as you have a high risk of losing money. So let the platform works for you.
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