Turtle Finance


More functions will be added in the future.

Strategy Example

The example of DOGE/USDT.

When starting the miner, DOGE is 0.25USDT/piece, so the benchmark standard is 400, corresponding to point A in the figure.
When 100U is worth 400*(1+10%)=440 Dogecoins, the switch strategy will be implemented. If you can't reach the turnover rate, you won't change hands. In other words, when the price of Dogecoin drops to 0.227USDT, the switch is performed and point B has reached.
Then take the 440 Dogecoins worth 100USDT as the benchmark. If the 440 Dogecoins are worth 100* (1+10%) =110U, that is point C, execute the following change of hand. And so on, until the user stops the mining operation.
If the asset's value reaches 100*(1-20%)= 80USDT, the stop-loss is triggered and the mining has been suspended.

Mining Revenue

The A1 trading strategy has a mining element, which means that users start to reap profits as long as they deposit the principal. Trading miners listed in BSC are WBNB/USDT, BTCB/BUSD, ETH/USDT, BTCB/ETH. Each group of mining machines is expected to release 160,000 TRE as a reward in the first year.

TRE Liquidity Mining

TRE is the Turtle platform governance token, which can be used for community voting and revenue acceleration after the Turtle DAO governance function is launched. After the stable operation of the turtle, the TRE liquidity mining pool will be opened, and the high annualized income given by the platform can be obtained by providing trading liquidity for the TRE. TRE liquidity pool and income will be determined.